Dating Tips for the Modern Woman



In today's world of technology and Hot Girl Summer, women need to embrace their feminine power. In a world where we swipe left or right, experience Netflix and Chill, or find ourselves falling for a catfish we need to redefine our dating lives. 

So what is a lady to do when she has to juggle a career, social life, and still, find time for herself, let alone dating? Well, here are a few tips to help a modern woman who wants to tap into her sexy!


1. Treat the dating process like an interview, not an interrogation:

Avoid turning the dating process into a constant interrogation, however, make it a priority to ask the important questions. Do they have goals? How do they handle difficult circumstances? And most importantly what are they looking for in terms of a relationship? You can make it into a game, or slowly introduce these questions over time.

2. Pay attention to dating profiles and potential red flags:

Ladies, if you find yourself on a dating site and your profile says "Seeking a relationship" and your potential suitor's profiles say "Seeking something casual" they are not the one for you. Often we overlook the obvious because of physical attraction and the lure of a sweet talker. If you met your potential beau offline pay attention to things you feel are deal-breakers. There's an old saying "How a man treats his mom is how he treats his woman." If he constantly talks down about his mother or exes that is not a good sign ladies.

3. Don't get too attached too soon:

After spending a consistent amount of time with your new boo there will be an awkward period of time where you are really into them but they may be sending mysterious signals. One minute they are attentive and responsive and the next they're unavailable. Play it cool and stick to whatever routine you had before they came along. Hang out with your besties, develop a hobby, or keep your dating options open.

4. Keep the lines of communication with all potential suitors open until one commits:

This is where a lot of women have problems with dating and potential relationships. Women who date multiple men get a bad wrap. However, if you are safe, responsible, and honor yourself there should not be any problem dating multiple people at once. Keep it classy and stick to getting to know the person and developing open and honest communication. When the conversation with the one who is willing to vie for your time and attention gets serious cut off all those who didn't 

5. Practice self-love and honor your boundaries:

We all want love and attention, it is what we look for when we date. However, as a woman, we hold all the power to say whether we want to take a relationship to the next level or not. Do not feel pressured into making things physical if you are not ready to. Don't let your physical desires deter you from your ultimate goal. Finding true love is more than just physical. One way to practice this is through self-pleasure. A vibrator is a single woman's best friend and a committed woman's dirty little secret. In learning about how to please yourself you not only gain confidence but you resist the temptation from making the wrong dating decisions.



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