Why I Started Waist Training

Confession time: I am not the biggest fan of dieting or traditional forms of exercising. I am a foodie, I love sci-fi sitcoms, reality television, and gossip sites. However, I am not a fan of my stubborn belly fat. And after several failed attempts at dieting and exercise I was determined to find a way to get rid of the dreaded gut. Luckily, I met a friend who used to sell waist trainers and she told me I should wear one while going about my normal routine. She explained that simply wearing the waist trainer alone was not enough to get permanent results. I had to modify my diet (not too severely) and become a little bit more active. Despite being skeptical I decided to give it a try. So when I achieved the weight loss and figure that I desired I was immediately hooked. And as far as being active, that can come in many forms: household chores like vacuuming and mopping, walking around the grocery store, or just simple walks in the neighborhood. Or my personal favorite dancing! Once I started to see that I was actually shedding weight I decided that I would help other women who shared my frustrations. So I teamed up with my friend and we started Body By Dianne.


We started out the trunk of my car meeting women and doing fittings. We provided information to help them start their journey and provided proper techniques to ensure they were able to do so in a healthy manner. Our goal was to not simply sell the waist trainers but to educate and provide a support group to keep women motivated. Over time, I stopped waist training due to life's challenges and distractions. However, due to the pandemic and being in quarantine I've been less active and I started to notice that not only had put on weight, I no longer felt sexy or confident. I remembered how waist training kept me focused on my goal of shedding inches off my waist. And that when I increased the level of compression on the garment I was making progress. So for me waist training is about being able to focus on what matters to me, shedding unwanted pounds in my target area, my tummy!


As the owner of Chyna's Secret, it is my goal is to have all women love the skin they're in no matter what size. We strive for women to appreciate their body regardless of society's standards. However, we know that social media and other retailers will prey on a women's insecurities, that is why we offer decided to introduce the Shapewear Collection. So that women can focus on feeling comfortable and love their bodies as much as their loved ones do! So check out our Shapewear Collection we offer waist trainers, vests, butt lifters, full body suits and more! 


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