Representation Matters: Women of Color & Plus Size in the Lingerie Industry


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For decades models that were chosen to model lingerie was white, tall, and thin. Over the years the demographic slightly improved adding light-skinned women of color to tap into a market that was long since forgotten about. However representation still was lackluster. Then the Body Positive Movement saw an influx of plus size models and items being made available to untapped market.

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Although progress has been made it is still very minimal when you compare the saturation of what the industry has held as the standard of beauty for decades. The models featured in stock photos offered by manufacturers is not an accurate representation for the average woman to imagine how their particular body type would look in the pieces retailers offer.

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In 2018 SavageXFenty caused a much-needed disruption in the status quo of what defined representation of all women. They offered sizes for the misses and community and launched a campaign with women of every shade and size. Many lingerie shops like Victoria Secret followed their trend and began expanding their brand or exclusively marketing to the plus size community or women of color.

Chyna’s Secret started as an adult boutique catered to enhancing the pleasure experience of both men and women. However, our decision to rebrand was inspired by SavageXFenty’s vision. We took it a step further and launched our endeavor to cater to the intimate needs of women. Our mission is to empower women to embrace their femininity and love themselves at any size. To see the beauty they possess whether they are a size 2 or a size 22. We strive for inclusion of women of color and feature them on our site as well as in our advertisements. We want women to get their lingerie and sleepwear needs met and enjoy the bonus of setting the mood by enjoying their favorite bath and body or aromatherapy products.

Our motto is “Love the Skin You’re In” because we understand that society may play on and market to your insecurities but we want you to embrace them and recognize your unique beauty. That is why we strive to have representation when it comes to women of color and women of all sizes. We empower women to tap into their femininity and reclaim their self-love.

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