How to Find Lingerie That Flatters Your Body Type

We believe every body is beautiful but we also want our customers to look and feel their best in their lingerie. That’s why we have done the research to recommend the best lingerie for a particular body type. We believe you should always buy what makes you feel and look good but if you’re looking for suggestions consider this your go to guide.

The Round Body Type

If you your bust is larger than the rest of your body and your hips tend to narrow causing your midsection to look full than you have a round body type.

Stylists suggest wearing teddies, chemises, satin gowns, and negligees that are empire waisted to help draw attention to your waist and balance your proportions.

The Rectangle Body Type

If you have the same or very similar measurements for your bust, waist, and hips then you have a rectangle body type.

Stylists encourage women with a rectangle body type to wear a teddy with a garter belt, padded bra sets, and corsets. The idea is to wear any garment that helps cinch the waist or create the illusion of curves.

The Triangle Body Type

If your shoulders measure smaller than your hips chances are you have a triangle body type.

Many stylists suggest wearing lacy negligees, off the shoulder bra sets, ruffle bra and panties sets. These styles will help with creating an appearance of a balanced proportion.

The Inverted Triangle Body Type

This body type is the inverse of the triangle body type in that the shoulders are broader than the hips.

Stylists often recommend that women with an inverted triangle body type should wear cami sets, teddies, halter necks , and bralettes with matching lace panties. The goal is to wear pieces that draw attention away from the shoulders.

The Hourglass Body Type

If your bust and hips are proportional and your waist is the body type desired by many. Your shoulders and hips are appear to be balanced and you have a defined waist.

Stylists recommend that you wear garter belts, lace bra with a thong, lace bra with a high leg panty or corsets. The point is to wear styles that flatter your well proportion figure.

Now that you know what styles of lingerie would work well for your body type you can shop our Lingerie Collection with confidence. If you still have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you!

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