Embrace Your Curves


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Nowadays, society makes it seem as if a woman’s curves are something to be covered up and frowned upon. If a woman wants to show off her curves and embrace her femininity she is labeled promiscuous or seen as “loose.” Gone are the days where pinup models like Marylin Monroe, who was once regarded as the embodiment of beauty and grace. She was a woman with curves who unapologetically embraced her body and image so much so that she is still not worthy long past her untimely passing.

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Women like Pam Grier, an actress regarded as an icon of the blaxploitation era of cinematography. She was listed as one of the 20 most beautiful actresses in the 1970s. She embraced her curves and landed opportunities to star in major television shows and magazines.

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At Chyna’s Secret we truly believe in embracing the curves you were given and our mission is to provide intimates and lounge wear that is flattering to your figure. Our curated collection is picked to help you find comfortable and appealing pieces that are sure to capture attention and entice the senses. We want you to love shopping with us and know that we want to empower you to embrace the curves you were given like the women who came before you. They paved the way for you to honor your curves and show them to your desired audience. Because we believe that our customers are the center of the attention.

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