7 Ways To Spice Up Date Night

Keeping the spark alive can be a challenge in a long term relationship. You can be happy with your relationship but after a while you can slip into a routine and become bored and put less effort into your sex life. On the other hand you could be new to the dating scene after taking time to yourself and ready to get back out there. Whatever your situation may be we have researched ways to get the spark back into your sex life!

1. Participate in a Bonding Activity  

Now we know the focus is the bedroom but we are firm believers that what you do outside of the bedroom is just important. This creates an opportunity for you to reconnect with your partner and gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with one another. Plan a picnic, cook a meal together, or play a board game. Whatever causes interaction between the two of you that helps create excitement and shared interest. 

2. Plan a Romantic Date Night

If the problem is a hectic schedule then try to make a monthly date night a priority. Plan out the details of how you want the date to go. Make sure you set the mood. Get those scented candles lit, pick out the most attractive outfit, and have on the most alluring scents you can find. Make it so that not only did you put time and effort into making the time spent together special but you leave a lasting impression that they can cherish. 

3. Switch Up the Location

A change of scenery can do wonders for your sex life. If your daily routine is hectic and constantly filled with activities, you may not get the chance to buckle down and invest time with your partner. Sometimes a getaway is all you need to disconnect and focus on reconnecting with your partner. Book a weekend stay at a local hotel and enjoy your “baecation.”

4. Role Play and Fantasy Exploration

This one is definitely a sure fire way to switch things up and tap into your shared imagination. The ability to be someone else temporarily is enticing and if you’re able to commit to the character you may find that pretending to be a “Naughty Nurse” or a “Sexy Officer” may be the kind of kink you needed to get the romance flowing.

5. Practice Sensual Massage

There’s something about touching someone in the right places that can make a person melt in your hands like putty. Learning about erogenous zones and practicing massage techniques is a way to stimulate the hormones and make for a very pleasurable experience. Be sure to include massage oils with pheromones to add that extra attraction factor!

6. Invest in Bedroom Accessories 

We are proud advocates of adding bedroom accessories to the mix. Whether it is a couples vibrator, a female enhancement cream or a massage oil to tap into sensual foreplay we definitely suggest researching and using these resourceful tools to add excitement to your routine. We recommend you do your research and learn which products work for you. There are thousands to choose from so you’ll never run out of options.

7. Wear Enticing Lingerie

It comes as no surprise that we would encourage you to embrace your seductive side and purchase lingerie. If you’re anything like most women, you get in the habit of wearing comfortable pajamas that might not be all that attractive. So if you switch up your night attire it will definitely get you the attention you desire. Check out our Lingerie Collection or if you’re planning a romantic date night for Valentine’s Day be sure to shop our Valentine’s Day Collection!



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